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Qustion No 1:- Q. How To Dowbload and Install Software?

· →Login to our website and download our free trial software.
·→Unzip the folder and pin to taskbar to SMS file. (Icon iii)
·→Open shortcut and lenter user name- gurukul, and password gurukul and try it.
Ans. Go to admin→ school detail
Go to admin→ campus detail
Ans. Go to admin→ back up, give path and finally click on save button.
Ans. Go to admin→ restore data→ select backup file and click on restore.
Ans.Go to admin Import/Export data export blank excel file, excel sheet (copy/paste from other excel) save and click on Import tab. Type school name and campus name. Click on ‘import data’ button and select excel file.
Ans.Go to admin→ class structure→ select class tab→ select campus→ select class and use up down keys to reorder classes and finally click on save order.
Ans. If you want to delete a class in which no student is entered you have to delete all sections in the class and then right click on class and click on delete.
Ans. You need to adjust your screen resolution if screen resolution is not showing option then you need to install display driver of your computer.
Ans. Press ctrl key and click on sections to select multiple cast categories.
Ans. Connect from internet and click on update software wait while software restart.
Ans. Right click on task bar→ task manager, search SMS right click on it and click on it and click on end task.
Ans. Contact to company before formatting the hard disk of your computer.
Ans. You have to use online version of your software to manage more than one campus/ school at a central location.
Ans. Set SMS API and choose template and select classes, categories and students to send SMS at one click.
Ans. You can send SMS in any Indian language.
Ans. Send a request from Software and Make a Payment against it. Company Provides Serial Key. After Entering Key You Will Get Validity.
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